Fuel and Engine Additive Lineup:

Additives that provide better performance & longer engine life.

ENC is the Canadian Distributor of Cost Effective Maintenance products, selling and shipping throughout Canada.

Common engine issues we have the solution for:

Diesel Engine Sludge

Diesel engine sludge is a big issue as it inhibits lubrication and damages engines. Sludgy diesel engine oil often causes power loss, excessive oil use, poor oil pressure, as well as smoke and overheating under load. ENC solution = Flushing Oil Concentrate.

Diesel Injector Rattle

Injector rattle or noisy injectors can quickly become a serious issue. They are often linked to much more expensive repair bills. Injector rattles can lead to diesel smoke, rough idle, dirty oil, poor fuel economy and even melted pistons. ENC solution = CRD Fuel Enhancer, which fixes over 90% of injector problems.

Black Diesel Engine Oil

Black is bad with diesel engines and this can lead to expensive problems fast. Black oil is abrasive, limits engine life, causes piston ring fouling, loss of performance and more. ENC solution = Flushing Oil Concentrate.

Crankcase Blow-by

Crankcase blow-by (or blowby) and very concerning signs for truck drivers and owners. This usually means an expensive engine rebuild that is very costly. The good news is that over the past three decades we’ve found that around 80% of trucks with blow-by issues still have wear within acceptable levels. We discovered that carbon and sludge is the most common cause of piston ring sticking, blow-by and oil use. ENC solution = Flushing Oil Concentrate with FTC Decarbonizer and in 80% of cases, your engine will reduce blow-by and oil use.

Maximum Power – Minimum Engine Wear

Not only do our products help maintain engines, some are designed to increase performance and extend the life of it. ENC solution = AW10 Antiwear, which is formulated to deliver massive increases in lubricant load carrying ability, wear reduction and friction (and heat) reduction.

Engine Carbon

Soot and sludge build up, also known as carbon wear can have a dramatic effect on your engine. It accelerates wear, lowers performance, effects fuel economy, potentially causes turbo failures, EGR problems and much more. ENC solution = FTC Decarbonizer.

Gas Engine Sludge

Sludge is one of the largest killers of gas (Petrol) type engines. Excessive sludge build up is bad news. Sludge can really bake on and when it does it is almost impossible to remove. ENC solution = Petrol Flushing Oil Concentrate which has had strong success in helping to remove the damaging sludge.