Solutions to Engine Problems

If you are having any engine problems, we just may have the solution to your problem. Many engine problems can be addressed by using ENC Additives which help to keep your engines cleaner, running efficiently and lasting longer. Below are some common issues that ENC Additives can help with.

Blowby, Smoke & Oil Consumption

Less Smoke, More Power

Our FTC Decarbonizer helps to improve emissions, oil control and compression by removing cylinder glaze and top ring carbon. Removing carbon from combustion and exhaust spaces, lets the engine breathe better, improving performance and engine life.

ENC Additive’s FTC Decarbonizer removes carbon from turbochargers, and therefore allows full turbo speed and air delivery. There are many causes of smoke, blowby and oil consumption issues but the GREAT news is that most of them are very easy to fix. Here are the main fixes.

FTC Decarbonizer

Especially for engines that don’t work hard enough for long enough (eg excess idling, light loads, short runs and cool running). Most engines progressively build carbon deposits, and particularly if they have encountered problems or have been out of tune. FTC (in the fuel) improves blowby control, emissions, oil control and compression by removing cylinder glaze and top ring carbon. It removes carbon from combustion and exhaust spaces, letting the engine breathe better. It removes carbon from turbochargers, allowing full turbo speed and air delivery. FTC is particularly suitable for boats, underground mining equipment, crane trucks, street sweepers, concrete trucks, site tippers, loaders, excavators, etc. FTC also produces a faster and more efficient (cleaner) burn.

Cleanpower Fuel Treatment

Cleanpower Fuel Treatment thoroughly cleans the entire fuel system of your vehicle, helping to correct faulty spray patterns and providing finer atomization of the fuel mist to provide a cleaner burn, with less smoke.

Flushing Oil Concentrate

Flushing Oil Concentrate frees up sticking piston rings, allowing them to move freely and seat cleanly against the ring groove and bore. This maximizes compression and oil control. Better compression also means reduced blowby and less smoke. (Especially recommended for small pre-combustion diesels eg 4×4’s, light commercials, and any diesel that blackens the oil very quickly.) Underground mining equipment often require regular use to maintain full compression and proper emission control.

Fix Your Overheating Engine

Chronic Overheating Engines

If your oil gets dirty very quickly, the resulting sludge can reduce the flow of cooling oil under the pistons. Deposits under the piston skirts can also prevent heat dissipation. One of the fixes to consider for an overheating engine, you first need to find the cause and it’s not always obvious. There’s no loss of coolant, and it runs fine until they need more power (like towing a camper or trailer, climb a steep hill, or increase your cruising speed).

Very commonly, before customers speak to us, they have spent considerable dollars, on thermostats, water pumps, fan hubs, big core radiators and hoses…and the vehicle still overheats. Before the problem develops into something more serious, discovering the cause of the overheating can be a real process of elimination. Our approach is to start with a clean foundation, a clean engine. In some cases, this is all you may need to do.

Helping with overheating engines.

One area that is often overlooked is the major role oil plays in the cooling of your engine. If your oil gets dirty quickly, it can be an indicator to your overheating problem. The black soot in your engine oil absorbs heat and often retains it rather than disperse it. This can create too much heat and can be a contributor to an overheated engine. Sludge, or carbon deposits, build up, insulating against heat transfer and reduces the flow of cooling oil. Creating more heat.

Thankfully this problem can often be easily corrected. Simply run the engine at a fast idle with clean oil, treated with Flushing Oil Concentrate for 30-45 minutes and bring the entire oil wetted side of the engine back to a healthier cleanliness. The sludge that constricts oil galleries, oil pumps and oil coolers is removed to allow the oil to do its important cooling job and help with your engine from overheating.

Overheating engines and high temperature situations

For high ambient temperatures, or high engine load applications, AW10 Antiwear is also recommended to reduce friction, wear and heat build-up at highly loaded parts. AW10 Antiwear is also great for reducing operating temperature in transmissions, differentials, hydraulics, etc.

Power Loss & Poor Fuel Economy

Cleaner is better

Engines with carbon issues (carboned up combustion and exhaust spaces as well as turbochargers) don’t let the engine breath efficiently. This causes poor fuel atomization, reduces turbo boost, power loss and poor fuel economy. A major help for improving power loss and improving fuel economy is using FTC Decarbonizer.

Improve fuel economy and boost engine power

To get better fuel economy and increase your engine power you should start with getting things as clean as possible. We encourage you to clean:

  • The crankcase (oil-wetted side of the engine) is free of deposits – everywhere!
  • The fuel system is totally clean, especially pumps and injectors.
  • The inlet air and induction system is totally clean and free of obstructions.
  • Combustion and exhaust spaces are free of deposits that prevent the engine breathing at full efficiency.
  • Optimize the lubrication of both the engine and drive line. The aim is to maintain strong lubrication, while minimizing frictional losses.

Carboned up combustion and exhaust spaces (including turbochargers) don’t let the engine breathe efficiently, cause poor fuel atomization, and reduced turbo boost. Power loss and poor fuel economy result, but can be improved with FTC Decarbonizer use. FTC Decarbonizer will help to burn off any carbon contacted by the fuel flame, and continues downstream in the exhaust. So, it will actually burn off turbo deposits, which prevent it “spooling up” at earlier RPM’s.

Sticking piston rings cause substantial compression loss and as you know, compression loss hurts both your engine power and fuel economy. Sludge and deposits reduce lubrication efficiency and cause extra internal drag. Flushing Oil Concentrate, used in the oil for 30 minutes, will restore power and economy, which has been lost due to fouling deposits.

Fuel system sediments and other fouling deposits interfere with accurate fuel metering and correct fuel atomization. Marked power and efficiency losses can occur. Cleanpower Fuel System Treatment is the powerful, safe, and efficient corrective measure, providing finer fuel atomization and improved power and economy.

To get even better fuel economy and engine power

Once everything has been cleaned up, the engine performance can be further optimized by using the following products.

FTC Decarbonizer – The faster fuel burn releases more of the fuel’s energy closer to top dead centre, with less tail end burning out the exhaust, producing more power.

AW10 Antiwear – This will fortify any oil (mineral or synthetic) to provide more intimate, and much stronger lubrication. Frictional losses are reduced to release more power.

CRD Fuel Enhancer – For Common Rail type diesel engines, provides improved fuel injection precision ongoing.

Hard Starting & Filthy Oil

Filthy oil can cause hard starting issues

There is a direct relationship between engine hard starting and filthy oil. Engines need good compression to start easily. Even slight piston ring sticking will result in cylinder compression loss and this is often cause by dirty oil. This can often make starting hard, especially in cold temperatures.

Helping with hard starting issues

Diesels tend to contaminate the oil quickly with combustion soot. Problems arise when the new oil discolours as it picks up sludge from the last oil service period. The cause is loss of oil detergency with soot overload. When this happens, the oil will stain your fingers.

Regular use of Flushing Oil Concentrate and Cleanpower Fuel Treatment will help correct and manage this problem.

Flushing Oil Concentrate will help remove all residual sludge from crankcases as well as fouling carbon deposits around piston rings and elsewhere, so that full compression is available. Cleanpower Fuel Treatment removes deposits from fuel pumps and injectors to optimize spray patterns and atomization, for a cleaner burn. This also assists with easier starting.

FTC Decarbonizer (in the fuel) makes the fuel ignite easier, so definitely promotes faster starting. It also produces a cleaner fuel burn, with less production of soot to contaminate the oil, so the oil stays cleaner for longer.

Preventative Maintenance

Deal with common issues before they start

ENC Additives and our family of products can assist with the prevention of common engine issues with preventative maintenance. Preventative maintenance can help optimize service life, engine efficiency, engine performance and even help prevent breakdowns.

Preventative maintenance with ENC Additives helps keep your engine, especially your oil, clean. We also recommend using the best lubrication you can afford and together you have a great start to properly maintaining your engine.

We also recommend to check thoroughly, and often, all major components for signs of deterioration so that corrective action can be taken to avoid any component failure. Checking includes visual inspection, listening for strange noises, transmissions, wheel bearings, etc.

For internal parts of your engine, fuel systems and turbochargers, this may require chemical assistance to help clean everything.

Immediately below is the OIL SPOT TEST. It gives you a very good idea of how good your level of engine maintenance is. Simply place a drop of engine oil on some blotting paper, and come back to it again after it has had some time to migrate properly through the paper. This may take a few hours, but works quickest when the oil comes straight from a fully warmed up engine. The lower two on the right hand side are causing problems. The oil is totally saturated with soot, and damaging your engine from the abrasive load, as well as having no detergent left to keep the engine clean. These engines need the Flushing Oil Concentrate to bring them back to clean condition, and either FTC Decarbonizer or Cleanpower fuel system detergent to clean up combustion & fuel systems (respectively). The other 4 oil spots are from engines kept clean by the use of FTC Decarbonizer & Cleanpower.