CRD Fuel Enhancer


Fuel Cleaner Additive for Diesel Engines

Common Rail Diesel Engines (CRD) are diesel turbocharged engines with a direct fuel injection system.

The most effective fuel additive for common diesels

  • Diesel injector cleaner
  • Save on expensive injector & pump costs
  • Eliminates or minimizes injector rattle
  • Protection against contaminated diesel
  • Boosts diesel lubricity
  • Anti-corrosion protection for pumps and injectors
  • DPF Compatible
  • Restores power & economy

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CRD Fuel Enhancer – Fuel Cleaner Additive is the real-life FIX for most common Diesel issues and adds life to your engine. Benefits include:

  • Cleans the entire CRD fuel system
  • Concentrated injector cleaner
  • Boosts diesel lubricity
  • Anti-corrosion protection
  • Restores power & economy
  • Complete treatment
  • 250ml treats 2000L of diesel

By using our system cleaner additive, you can:

  • Prevent, eliminate, or minimize noisy injector rattle from your CRD engine caused by noisy valve tappets.
  • The injector could be fouled by contaminant or is seizing due to inadequate lubrication. Excessive fuelling would likely be causing detonation inside the combustion chamber, instead of smooth combustion.
  • Clean pump & injector deposits, dispersing contaminants as they form.
  • Boost lubricity.
  • Provide exceptional anti-rust protection to pumps and injectors

Dosage & Directions:

Add directly to diesel at a rate of 1:8000 (e.g. 10ml per 80 Litres of diesel)

  • For dirty or worn injectors, double dose for first tank

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250 ML, 1 LITRE, 5 LITRE, 20 LITRE