FTC Decarbonizer


FTC Engine Decarbonizer acts as a combustion catalyst to burn any carbon buildup from combustion and exhaust spaces, turbos, and DPF filters.

Using such a product burns fuel faster, easier, and cleaner, along with:

  • Up to 25% longer engine life
  • Restores power and economy
  • Reduces oil use and blowby
  • Deglazes and de-cokes engines
  • Cuts smoke
  • Fast cold starts
  • Cleans diesel particulate filters
  • Extends turbocharger life
  • Killing diesel fuel growths
  • Reduces harmful emissions

TIP: If purchasing the 1 Litre or 2 Litre FTC Decarbonizer, we recommend you also buy the FTC Ezypor Dispensor

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Designed to burn fuel faster and cleaner, as well as remove any buildup from combustion and exhaust spaces, Engine Decarbonization products have saved thousands of motors failure. It also rejuvenates performance and economy, increases motor life by 20% and, in some cases more), and keeps emission control equipment and sensors from malfunctioning due to deposit formations.

This is a cost-effective fix for cylinder glaze and carbon build-up in the combustion & exhaust spaces including turbochargers, catalytic convertors, and diesel particulate filters. You won’t need to clean or regenerate DP filters because it works directly to the cause of the problem. It also safely burns off all cylinder glaze and hard carbon from these areas.

Using a diesel decarbonizer ensures your engine becomes totally free of hard carbon build up. The level of internal cleanliness is the most dramatic confirmation of the benefits of ongoing use.

  • Truck, boats, 4×4’s, cars, earthmovers, farming, small 2 and 4 stroke gas engines
  • Deglazes and decokes engines
  • Stops smoke and improves emissions
  • Assists in keeping EGR’s, cat converters, diesel particulate filters and exhaust sensors clean and trouble free
  • No need to regenerate or physically clean DPF filters
  • Restores power and economy
  • Speeds combustion to produce more power for the same fuel burnt
  • Fast cold starts
  • Reduces blowby and oil use

When customers have used this diesel decarbonizer, they have saved or postponed rebuilding thousands of vehicles suffering smoke issues.

Effective Cylinder Deglazer

This build up is caused by the engine not working hard enough or long enough e.g. short runs, light loads, excessive idling, cool operating temperature, poor fuel quality, poor maintenance.

  • Smoke
  • Glazing
  • Poor economy
  • Power loss
  • Hard starting
  • Blowby
  • Fuel growths

FTC Decarbonizer is an ideal engine cleaner and an effective cylinder de-glaze for safely burning off any build up from combustion and exhaust spaces. Using this product for your engine will ensure your engine will become entirely free of hard carbon build-up.

Treatment Ratio. 1ltr treats 1600ltrs of Diesel

Dosage & Directions

Add directly to the fuel at the following rates:

Heavy Machinery / Trucks:

  • First 20hrs running: 1:800 ratio (e.g. 500ml per 400 Litres of fuel)
  • Regular dose: 1:1600 ratio (e.g. 250ml per 400 Litres of fuel)

Light Vehicles:

  • Double dose: 1:800 ratio (e.g. 100ml per 80 Litres of fuel)
  • Regular dose: 1:1600 ratio (e.g. 50ml per 80 Litres of fuel)

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